Spoilers ahead! If you haven't watched the episode yet, do not scroll down.

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A lot of people have recently complained about how the Game of Thrones has gone soft. That the Battle of Winterfell didn't have important enough deaths. 

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Are you all happy now?

Today, Missandei of Naath breathed her last. But before she died, she made her intentions for King's Landing and Cersei loud and clear. 

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                    - Missandei

So what does it mean? I mean, we obviously know what it means. Daenerys Targaryen has burned down multitudes after saying those High Valyrian words to her dragons.

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At this point, both Daenerys and Missandei knew that she wasn't coming out of it alive. But for the latter's sake (Tyrion and Varys think it's for the people's sake but we know it isn't) Dany agreed to give Cersei a chance to surrender. 

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But Cersei being Cersei, likes her prisoners dead. 

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So as her last words, Missandei tells the woman she has been the most loyal to avenge her, to take Cersei out 'root and stem'. 

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Dany at this point is already on the edge. She's lost a lot of her fleet and a second dragon. 

She's already lost allies because she listened to people who wanted her to be considerate. And after all she's lost, Missandei's death was the one that might have just pushed over the edge. 

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We all know about the Targaryen rage. And Dany is no different. So next episode, we might just see Dany going full Targaryen and burning the entire city down!

FYI, 'Dracarys' was also the word used when Daenerys had freed Missandei and Greyworm from the slave masters. And if you remember what had happened then, was a baby Drogon roasting the living shit out of the man who tried to keep them captive. 

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For Missandei, Dragon fire was what set her free and from the looks of it, she seemed pretty sure that that was the way for Daenerys to go forward. 

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I, for one, want to see some Targaryen madness. But for now, let's just take a moment to weep for Missandei, one half of the most perfect couple in the seven kingdoms and the most loyal person in the entire show.