The original Money Heist may have come to an end but its different adaptations and spinoffs are yet to begin and have all fans excited.

Netflix just released the teaser of the Korean adaptation of Money Heist titled Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area. The Korean series will star Yoo Ji-tae (known for his work in Seven Days, Ode to My Father, Lost and Mistresses) as the Professor. 

Directed by Kim Sung-ho and written by Ryu Yong-jae, the series will reportedly depict a hostage crisis situation set in the Korean Peninsula. The teaser shows the Professor at his workstation (a dingy room with a laptop and other devices spread all over) looking at a wall filled with different masks, including the Dali mask from the original Spanish series.

We also get a glimpse of Kim Yun-jin as the investigating officer Woo Jin, who is trying to crack down on what appears to be the Professor’s heist plan. It seems that she will play the role of Raquel Murillo.

Towards the end, each of the eight heist members are introduced along with their city names. Berlin (Squid Game star Park Hae Soo), Tokyo (Jun Jong Seo), Moscow (Lee Won Jong), Denver (Kim Ji Hun), Nairobi (Jang Yoon Ju), Rio (Lee Hyun Woo), Helsinki (Kim Ji Hoon), and Oslo (Lee Kyu Ho).

The Korean adaptation was announced in 2020 but now that the teaser is here the series will release in 2022.

You can watch the teaser here.

All images are screenshots from YouTube.