Rachel Green, a character played by Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston in the 90s popular sitcom, Friends, was the most stylish one in her group. And some credit goes to her fashion background on the show. Contrary to this popular belief, outfits of Courteney Cox as Monica Geller went unnoticed and her wardrobe deserves all the praise, says a fan (that’s me).

Monica wasn’t just a great chef, but also a true fashionista. I am sure Chandler is with me on this cos she had good looks and classy yet chic fashion sense to die for. 

While Monica had to wear her professional chef uniform in several episodes, she surely gave styling goals to many fashion enthusiasts in her personal life. Be it classy or chic, you name it, Monica had her versions of looking the best in what she wore.

1. Red was Monica’s colour

Monica Geller looked drop-dead gorgeous in red outfits, be it her spaghetti top in a flashback episode or bodycon dress during her engagement scene. Classy woman, we say.

2. Monica made athleisure look uber-cool

Remember the episode when Monica had a bad breakup with her boyfriend Richard, she went out to take some fresh air? Monica wore black sports bra and twinned it with cute pair of shorts. She paired the outfit with brown hoodie jacket.

3. For the love of white

Probably, Monica’s second favourite colour was white. Various hues of white were seen in her fashion wardrobe on the show. We have proof.

4. Floral prints, checkered patterns, and more

Monica Geller also brought in chic vibes into her wardrobe with floral printed dresses, checkered shirts, and tie-dye tops.

5. Queen of neckpieces

Monica tried her hand on several kinds of neckpieces that would add an oomph factor to her outfits.

6. Bikini, oh yes!

Remember, The One With The Jellyfish episode in which Monica was bit by a jellyfish on the beach while she was chilling out with Chandler and Joey? In the episode, Monica’s red bikini was one of the hottest summer looks from her wardrobe.

7. The ones with black

Who can forget Monica’s iconic cat woman look at Halloween party? Monica looked stunning in the body-fitted suit and cute headband. Also, don’t miss other black outfits that she wore. Be it plain black top or see-through shirt, she made everything look good on herself.

8. Her super-chic hairstyles

Apart from outfits and accessories, Monica Geller made us swooning over her super-chic hairstyles as well. Be it short, mid-length, or long tresses, she aced it all.

Monica Geller was Monica Geller all because of what Courteney Cox presented on the screen. Yes, we like Rachel’s fashion sense too, but Monica deserves a special place as diva. And we wish the makers could make ‘The One When Everyone Borrowed Monica’s Wardrobe episode too. Don’t you think?