There are a number of movie characters who instantly made a home in our hearts with their brilliant performance. Apart from having an excellent screen presence and exceptional storyline, the one thing common between these actors was the fact that they didn’t have a character name.

Today, we have curated a list of some iconic characters who had no names. Ready?

1. The Driver – Drive 

The movie revolves around a mysterious stuntman and garage mechanic, also working as a getaway driver for criminals, who finds himself in trouble when he tries to help out his neighbour. Featuring Ryan Gosling as the protagonist, his character in this action drama is only known as ‘The Driver’. 


2. The Witch – Stree 

Revolving around an evil spirit who abducts men in the night, this movie was the first of its kind. With the right amount of humour and drama, this comedy horror instantly impressed everyone. Shraddha Kapoor, who turns out to be the witch in the end, had no character name in this movie. 

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3. The 12 Men – 12 Angry Men 

Adapted from a 1954 teleplay of the same title by Reginald Rose, this courtroom drama revolves around a jury of men who purposely convict a teenage defendant based on doubts. The interesting part of this movie was the fact that twelve jurors were given no character names. 

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4. V – V For Vendetta 

This dystopian political action movie revolves around the titular protagonist, a masked freedom fighter, who uses terrorist strategies to fight the authoritarians with the help of a woman. Based on a limited series by the 1988 DC Comics of the same title by Alan Moore and David Lloyd, the protagonist of the movie is nameless and known only by the alias of ‘V’. 


5. The Protagonist – Tenet 

Centred around the concept of time and how it can be manipulated, this science fiction action thriller is being called the most twisted movie of all time. The protagonist, who learns how to manipulate the flow of time to prevent an attack in the future, had no name in this movie.  


6. The Bride – Kill Bill 

The movie focuses on The Bride, who is on a journey to seek revenge from a group of assassins after they try to murder her and her unborn child. The Bride, who had four codenames throughout the movie, didn’t have any official name in the movie. 

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7. Joker – The Dark Knight 

Based on the DC Comics character Batman, this superhero movie revolves around a psychopathic mastermind who wreaks havoc and confusion in Gotham City. The Joker, a character portrayed by Heath Ledger in this movie, was nameless and was simply called The Joker in the movie.  

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Who is your favourite character out of these?