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Sing ‘Bheege Honth’ & Let Your ‘Pyaasa Dil’ Take This Ultimate ‘Murder’ Quiz

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Murder was one movie that broke all walls down and introduced the audience to a new kind of genre. It has become a benchmark of all things bold and thriller. And, since it's one of our faves, let's see how well you know this movie? 

1. Which movie is Murder based on? 

2. Who was Simran's husband married to before her?

3. Fill in the blank. Bheege honth tere, pyaasa dil mera. Lage abr sa mujhe ___ tera

4. Where do Simran and Sudhir live? 

5. How is Radhika related to Sunny? 

6. Who is the director of the movie? 

7. What's the name of Kannada remake of the movie?

8. How does Sunny die in the end? 

9. What does Rajvir Singh work as?

10. How many sequels are there of Murder?

11. Along with Emraan & Ashmit, who was all set to be a part of the lead cast but backed out?

12. How many kid(s) does Sudhir have? 

So, how well did you fare? 


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