The Beat Pe Booty challenge, where you have to dance on the song from A Flying Jatt and put it up online, has caught on like wildfire in the Bollywood. Everyone who’s anyone has been putting up their versions of the song, making this challenge all the rage on the internet. While this started off with a presentation of some crazy dance moves by Hrithik Roshan & Lauren Gottlieb, it pretty much turned into a comedy circus when ‘dancing legends’ KRK and Chetan Bhagat joined the list. 

However, there’s someone who’s managed to outdo both KRK and Bhagat and honestly, he’s slaying every bit of it!

We’re actually talking about a mashup video made by Green Mango More, that combined Nana Patekar’s divine dance skills with the track and created an absolute masterpiece! 

Check it out here!


If this was near brilliance, we wonder what will happen if Nana actually takes up the challenge!