We are completing 70 years of freedom of this secular state called India. However, there are instances once in a while that make us question that claim. Most of us must be aware that last year, Nawazuddin was denied  permission to perform at the Ram Leela despite being well prepared, as he was a Muslim. The Shiv Sena objected to the fact that a Muslim could portray a Hindu figure and this crushed Nawazuddin’s childhood dream of performing at his hometown.

He stated his disappointment on social media:

It was a loss considering how fine an actor Mr. Siddiqui is. However, this year there was a turn of events as Nawazuddin’s son got a chance to play the role of Lord Krishna at a function. Nawazuddin’s happiness knew no bounds and he thanked the school for providing his son with the opportunity. He also shared this proud moment on Twitter:

Inevitably, we are as proud as him, seeing the little one fulfill his father’s dream. As for Mr. Siddiqui we hope he gets to fulfill his dream soon too. 

Art should be beyond religion, 70 years is a long enough time to realize that. How can we call ourselves truly secular when we crush a man’s harmless dream just because of his religion?