Apart from nepotism in Bollywood, there are many other problematic things we need to take note of. 

Nawazuddin Siddiqui known for his extraordinary acting talked about how more than nepotism, he had to fight racism in Bollywood as well.

Gulshan Devaiah also took to Twitter & talked about how people are segregated based on their job profile, with separate dining areas. 

Recently nominated for The International Emmy Awards for Best Performance in Sudhir Mishra’s Serious Men, Nawaz spoke about how prevalent racism is in Bollywood even today. 

Talking about his co-star, Indira Tiwari, who is the main lead in Serious Men, he said

Sudhir Mishra has a lot of knowledge about cinema and his thought process is practical. He did not take a conventional heroine for the film. I have to tell you that there is so much racism in our industry. I will be very happy if that girl (Indira Tiwari) is made a heroine once again. Sudhir Mishra did make her a heroine in his film, but I will be happier if the big people in our film industry cast her as a heroine in their films. 

He also talked about his experience in the initial years of Bollywood & how he was rejected for his short height & brown skin. 

I hope that brown actresses are also made heroines in films and it is necessary. I am not talking about black and white skin colours, but better films would be made if the bias towards one particular skin colour is over.

He had more to say about the other artists who deserve to be more in the industry. 

I do not wish to talk about it today because God has given me more than I could ever ask for, many directors have given me more than I deserve. But I want to say that there are many artists out there who lose out on because of skin colour.

It’s pretty clear, there are quite a few problems in Bollywood.