If you grew up in the 90s, you must have played a lot of street games like Stapu, Kanchey, Pithu Garam, Chhupan Chhupai and Kokla Chapaki. That was an era when kids actually stepped out of their houses as soon as it was 5 in the evening and the street games lasted until dinner time.

Well, why we are talking about this is because Yo Yo Honey Singh has sent us on a nostalgia trip with his new song, Raat Jashan Di, in his movie, Zorawar. 

Listen to it here first and see if you can figure it out?

Well, the song opens up with a jingle for popular street game, Kokla Chapaki

Kokla chapaki jumeraat aayi aye jeda agge pichey wekheyohdi shamat aayi aye

You remember it, don’t you? In case your memory evades you, this was the game where kids sat in a circle and one of them ran around with a cloth in his hand. The cloth was dropped at the back of one player who would then run after the one who had dropped it. This used to be so much fun! 


While the game is on, all the players sing: 

Kokla chapaki jumeraat aayi ayejeda agge pichey wekheyohdi shamat aayi aye

Which roughly translates to:

Kokla Chapaki it is Thursday today

While the song has tweaked the lyrics, but it’s still enough to send us on a nostalgia trip! 

Instant reminder of all those street games, isn’t it?