In a recent podcast episode, Priyanka Chopra revealed an adorable detail about her and Nick Jonas. Apparently, the two share similar spiritual beliefs, and Nick is really into doing pujas!

The actor mentioned that she’s grown up praying to express her gratitude for things, and apparently, Nick Jonas also believes in the act of gratitude the same way. 

Spiritually, Nick and I align when it comes to our feelings and our relationship with our faith. Of course, we have been raised with different faiths. I am a believer that eventually, religion is a map to get to the same destination, which is God. So, whatever your faith has been when you were raised, we are all going in the same direction to a higher power. We both align on that..

-Priyanka Chopra on the Victoria’s Secret’s VS Voices podcast

During the Victoria’s Secret’s VS Voices podcast, Priyanka said that Nick actually asks her to do pujas before they start something. 

I do a lot of pujas in the house which are prayer ceremonies. Nick usually asks me to do them whenever we are starting something big because that is how I have always started something auspicious in my life, with a prayer of thanks. I have had that upbringing and he has had that upbringing and we have sort of created that within our family as well..

-Priyanka Chopra on the Victoria’s Secret’s VS Voices podcast


How cute is this!