The lockdown has offered us plenty of time to catch up on all the shows and movies we were missing out on. Unfortunately, entertainment is a finite resource with an output dependent on consistent shooting - something that's not possible now considering the disease that's got us all by the balls. 

And therein lies the problem - we'll soon run out of things to watch since they can't shoot anything new (sex scenes aren't exactly social distancing-compliant). What the heck will we do then?!

Think about it, there's nothing happening at the moment - no big budget productions, no feature length movies being shot, a scene depicting more than a few people is pretty much illegal everywhere. 

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Right now, we're still getting to see material that was made earlier, but that bank of movies and shows is going to run dry quick. That means there's probably not going to be any big summer releases next year, or even any fun Christmas flicks!

Well, maybe that's not all bad, a lot of Christmas movies suck. But that's not the point! Has anyone really considered just what we're supposed to do to entertain ourselves? Audiobooks put me to sleep, man. The only movies they can shoot will be ones wearing these - 

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This shit is scary, yo. How will I make small talk with people if I can't ask them whether they've watched the new season of Too Hot To Handle or not? 

What are introverts to do?! TV show talk is one of the only ways to avoid general awkwardness. If that's gone... well, there's going to be a whole lot more of that mid-conversation silence we hate so much.

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What's the future of our beloved large-scale Marvel movies, will season 2 of The Boys ever come out, and how the fuck will Westworld explain the timeline now? I need closure, dammit!

I understand there are way bigger problems at hand - this is just one of those thoughts that pops into your head at 2 AM and refuses to leave. Stupid midnight musings... this wouldn't be happening if I had more shows to distract me.

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Is the future of entertainment completely animation-based? Or will we see Brad Pitt and Timothee Chalamet chilling in Hazmat suits on set? 

Maybe it'll be animated people in hazmat suits!

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Who knows what the future holds, but it's looking a little wonky. Maybe they'll just make all the actors swim in hand sanitiser before shooting! Either way, I'm scared!