In less than a month the season finale for Money Heist will release on Netflix and suffice to say, fans’ excitement is at an all-time high. 

And now Netflix has released a teaser for the latest season, featuring behind-the-scenes footage, scenes from the latest season, and interviews of the cast. 

While the teaser does not share much of what the finale will entail, the cast members are confident that it will “not let down the fans”. 

Money Heist has amassed a great fan following over the years, and with the finale coming up, fans have been continuously speculating over how the story will end. 

Considering the team has lost many of its core members, it will be interesting to see how the Professor deals with the loss and comes up with a plan that saves the remaining members. 

If there’s one thing we can count on though, at least, from the looks of the teaser, is that there are far more explosions coming our way in the latest season. 

You can watch the teaser here: 

All images are screenshots from the teasers. The final season will stream on Netflix from December 3.