Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched Captain Marvel yet, proceed no further!

The recent addition to MCU’s superhero lineup, Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel has been up and about saving the Skrull and the galaxy from injustice. Because that’s what superheroes are supposed to do, right? And the whole galaxy will be indebted to her when she kicks Thanos’ purple ass in Endgame.

Geek Tyrant

But let’s not forget her underrated furry sidekick who operated from the shadows and Nick Fury’s hand-lap and left an air of familiarity around us – Goose.

And if you’re a true blue millennial, the furball might’ve resonated on multiple levels. It’s like he was our mirror who stared right back at us.

You know, like the time when he ate the Tesseract and our millennial souls screamed out ‘hoard kar raha hai apna bro!’

Logic would say that he did so to safeguard it but our hoarder selves beg to differ.

And who knew that the normal-looking cat had impressive tricks up its… well… jaws? 

Talent sab ke paas hota hai, but dikhatey koi nahi, because humility. We feel you Goose, we feel you.

Goose is also very selective of the people he shows his true dark side. 

Like when Skrull leader, Talos almost shat his pants as he alone knew the monstrosity that Goose really is and his BFF Fury just shrugged it off saying that he’s just a house cat.

Great Lakes Advocate

But even he fell prey to his mighty claws because when people shower you with too much affection, it kinda gets annoying. 

As they say it, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.


Evidently, Goose operates on just two moods, ‘I’m tired, must take a nap,’ and ‘you have been visited by your worst nightmare.’

The two moods switch in the blink of an eye (or in Fury’s case, a wink of an eye).

Goose may have a stomach the size of a lightbulb but that churning factory can never be satiated. Sounds familiar?

He eats a bunch of Kree soldiers without breaking a sweat. That binge eating tendency had us like – been there, done that, all day, erryday.

And after having his fill of Kree meat which was served with a hint of screams, he just took the day off and went off to sleep.

He was the victim of circumstance and he did what he knows best – eat and sleep.


Goose, tu apna bro hai!