If you’re a fickle-minded millennial, let me ask you something. Are you doing exactly what the 8-year-old you had planned for the future? As of today, are you exactly where the 8-year old would have wanted you to be?

Because I’m clearly not. I probably wanted to be a part-time member of the Winx Club and a full-time Power Ranger at that age. Obviously followed by wanting to become the Miss Universe, an astronaut, and holding the presidential office, all at once.  

But unlike my overambitious and naive ass who ended up giving up on most of her childhood fantasies, Alia Bhatt knew exactly what she wanted to become when she was 8 years old. 

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And believe it or not, she is exactly where the 8-year-old Alia wanted to be. No, I am not kidding you. 

I was idly scrolling through my feed, hoping to find some random tea across Instagram when I came across a very old interview of Mahesh Bhatt with his family where I spotted a very adorable, 8-year-old Alia Bhatt.  


Now while I was stunned to see Mahesh Bhatt candidly talk about his alcoholism and how his two daughters ‘saved’ him, there was something else that surprised me the more.  

When the host asked his two daughters— Alia and Shaheen what they wanted to become when they were older, both of them ended up doing exactly what they said they said they would.  

The then 13-year old Shaheen made it clear that she didn’t want to be a part of the film industry. And when asked if she wanted to be a director, she shrugged and said , “writer”. 


And when they asked Alia about what she wanted to become, she said that she that it was her dream to become an actor.  

This interview happened over 10 years and both the Bhatt sisters are conquering and slaying their childhood ambitions. 

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Man, now I’m really starting to wonder what would have happened if I stuck to the game plan my 8-year-old self made for the future.