Only True Fans Can Score A Sixer In This Ultimate 'Lagaan' Quiz. The Rest Will Pay Teen Guna Lagaan

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90s kid or not, Lagaan is so iconic that almost everyone has seen this movie at least once, and rightly so. At a time when Indian cinemas was thinking on a whole different trajectory, this movie came as a breath of fresh air.  

So, to celebrate the wondrous movie that Lagaan was, let's see how much you know about it. 

1. What's the title of the movie released internationally? 

2. In which year does the village face delayed monsoon forcing villagers to visit the Raja?

3. Why does Lakha conspire against Bhuvan in the movie? 

4. In the movie, which village does Bhuvan belong to? 

5. How many runs does Bhuvan secure on the last ball of the match?

6. The makers of Lagaan were inspired by which film? 

7. How is Captain Russell related to Elizabeth? 

8. Who does Elizabeth marry in the end? 

9. What does Gauri's father do for a living?

10. What form of bowling does Kachra excel at? 

11. Complete the song. 'Mit jaave jo takraave, chale chalo. Bhale ____ andheraa chhaave, chale chalo, chale chalo'

12. Who does Bhuvan partner with to match the opponent's scores? 

Kya aapki 3 guna lagaan maaf hui ki nahi? 


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