Unless you have been living under a rock, you must already know about the entire Will Smith and Chris Rock controversy. While some desi netizens compared the feud to Sajid Khan and Ashutosh Gowariker’s awards fight, others simply commented on it online.

And now, a private bartender from the Oscars Awards Night revealed on Twitter what went down after the incident. Sounds interesting, right? Read on.


Bartender and writer Daniel Ralston took to his social media handle and he not only revealed about the celebs who were nicest to serve but also gave an insight into what the atmosphere was like after the entire ‘slap’ incident.


He wrote:

Everybody stopped drinking after the slap. Nicest celebs of the night were Reba and Rami Malek.

You can check the entire thread here, where the most “gossip” he could reveal, was about a celebrity couple who wanted to smoke.

He also revealed that no one tips the bartender at the Oscars. 

Actor Kyle Buchanan also posted a picture from the night, where Rami Malek can be seen enjoying a drink.

That’s all folks! Since he was working as a private event bartender, who would like to keep his job, he couldn’t reveal anything further.

Dance, drinks and drama – what a fun job, right?