Every time you place a phone call these days, you can hear a long PSA about coronavirus. Actually, if you are o the internet or if you are watching TV, there’s always a PSA around the corner, just waiting to play. 


And this is not just the case with India. This is happening all over the world to educate people about the pandemic and how to keep themselves safe during it. 

But nothing comes even close to how entertaining this PSA video of Pakistan is. Okay, hey, nothing anti-national here. This thing is literally the best PSA video ever made!


The 2-minute video starts with a man asking the corona monster to leave his people alone. His people, then give him weapons to fight the monster- from bats to pistols to missiles. But he says his hands alone are enough for this disease. 


And as the ominous music intensifies along with the thunder and lightning, he proceeds to wash his hands with soap! He then asks the doctor in protective gear to check his timer and see if 20 seconds had passed and goes on to shoo the monster away with those clean hands, much to the crowd’s applause.

Watch the video here: 

The video’s so good that people have been going gaga over it on Twitter. 

There is also a Pashto version of it online. So if you understand the language, check out the OG video.