Shah Rukh Khan is a superstar of such epic proportions that if every country in the world could have an SRK of their own, I bet they would, right? Well, guess what. Pakistan actually found themselves one!

Meet Sahir Lodhi, a popular radio-jockey and actor from Karachi, who as many have noted on several occasions in the past, bears an uncanny resemblance to King Khan.

And while he’s quite the popular celebrity himself, we can’t seem to wrap our heads around the striking resemblance in how much he looks, acts and speaks like SRK!


What do you say, swag level: SRK?


Primarily a radio and television host, Lodhi’s now gearing up for his first release on the big screen.

He seems to have got his own fan following – and no, they didn’t just think it was SRK.


Lodhi claims he is a huge SRK fan himself, and was delighted to meet and interviewhim and Kajol at the Dubai promotions of Dilwale last year.

Anybody else here thinking they could very well be brothers?

Sahir’s got his own twist on the classic SRK look and moves. And it sure is working out for him!

Apart from the mysteriously similar faces, their mannerisms and voices are also eerily alike!

People on Twitter have mixed reactions over their similarities.

While some people think he’s better than SRK…

… some see him as nothing more than a lookalike.

All images sourced from Instagram