What is it with desis eclipsing the fact that love, sex and attraction almost always go hand in hand. As a result of this, we see our TV soaps with softened sex scenes, you know the ones where they show two flowers tickling each other instead of a couple kissing? Something of the same nature was seen in a Pakistani TV soap Laapata. 

Source: Twitter/baldtarbooze

The scene has gone viral and shows two people by the name of Falak and Shams, who are sitting around a camp fire sharing a cup of tea. But it isn't just them sharing a beverage. The scene seems to be hinting at a metaphorical kiss. As Falak takes a sip from her cup, she puts it down and turns the cup to where her lipstick mark is facing Shams, basically offering him an indirect kiss. 

Source: Twitter/baldtarbooze

How many times have we seen romance flourish with these little unseen kisses on-screen? Many! And a lot of us sat there and blushed over these moments as teenagers. 

Here is how the internet reacted to this scene. 

Desis forever and always telling their kids that babies aren't born out of sex but prayers.