As soon as Panchayat’s second season came out, Banrakas unanimously became the entire nation’s favourite insult. Indian TV’s Arturo is as annoying as his Spanish counterpart. But shit on him all you want, you have to admit he is faithful AF to his wife. Like Pradhan Ji and Manju Devi, they too are couple goals (kinda).

Here’s why:

1. They feel comfortable gossiping with each other.

It’s no secret that communication is the key to a healthy relationship. If at the end of a long, tiring day you don’t feel comfortable enough to vent out your frustrations to one another and gossip about the people you mutually hate, then WTF is the point of the relationship?

2. They stand up for each other. 

When his wife gets her naye chappal stolen, Banrakas goes to extensive lengths to look for them. And when she is smacked in the head (twice) by those very naye chappals, he vows revenge. Kranti Devi too stands by her husband every step of the way in his quest to rule over Phulera. 

3. He comforts her insecurities. 

When Kranti Devi feels insecure about her body in the CCTV footage, Banrakas consoles her by saying she’s a “natural beauty.” And she blushes! These two are too cute. 

4. They radiate major power-couple energy. 

Oozing confidence, never one to back down from a fight and being each other’s backbone through thick and thin? Move over Barack and Michelle, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Ranveer and Deepika, there’s a new power couple in town. 

5. They make each other better. 

Like Pradhan Ji and Manju Devi, these two fit together like yin and yang. When the duo sniff out that they’ve been excluded from the Akhand Kirtan, they brainstorm a master plan to checkmate Pradhan Ji and his posse in their own game. When two great minds get together, they can conquer all odds.