It has been quite a week for all the Panchayat fans. With Season 2 of the show, we almost felt like being in a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Anyone who’s watched the new season, knows that everything from the characters arcs to the storyline, is to fall in love with.

Additionally, the cliffhanger has created the right amount of chull in all of us, and we want nothing more from the world than Season 3 of Panchayat. Who knows – maybe, the manifestation will help.

Before that happens, here are some theories on what might be in-store for us in the next season:

1. We see Abhishek finding out about his transfer and he tries to get the order dismissed. 

It has been established in the season, that Abhishek has developed a sense of fondness for Phulera and the people. Season 2 ends with Manju Devi and Rinky receiving his transfer order – which is a clear cliffhanger to enter into the next season. Abhishek and the panchayat would definitely want him to stay and it looks like the next season will revolve around the methods that they opt to get the transfer cancelled. 

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2. We see Prahlad coping with the loss of his son.

The last episode was definitely a shocker that left us all teary-eyed – when we see Prahlad receiving the news about his son. After the last rituals, he’s seen living in the house alone, when the panchayat visits to check up on him. In a heartbreaking scene, we see him shattered over his son’s loss – mentioning how he’s left with no one. And, the next season might show him coping with the loss – while being indulged in office work in order to avoid being alone at home.

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3. We see more of Abhishek and Rinky together, and they confront each other about their feelings.

Panchayat Season 2 was also a start of Abhishek and Rinky’s love story – with the old-school vibes to it. While we all noticed the chemistry and the fact they do like each other, the season didn’t show them addressing the feelings. With Rinky finding about Abhishek’s move, the next season might focus on their love-story, which can include a confrontation about their feelings. 

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4. We find who wins the next panchayat election.

This season also revolved around the conflict between Bhushan and the panchayat. He and his wife constantly interfere in the village politics, demanding the panchayat to fulfill their promises. And we see how the duo threatens to compete against Manju Devi in the upcoming elections. Both the families are shown thinking about winning the next election and this might become a bigger topic in the next season – with newer ways to win and the campaigning involved. 

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5. Abhishek sits for his MBA exam again and we find out about its result. 

Both the first and the second season focus on Abhishek prepping for his CAT attempt. With this build-up, the makers might show him sitting for the competitive exam, again. Given that, we will also find out about the result – there will certainly also be the repercussions to it. Where Abhishek will either clear the exam and pursue the degree or otherwise continue working as the panchayat secretary.

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6. We see Vidhayak ji scheming against the village, and it goes beyond Sachiv ji’s transfer orders.

In a perfect cliffhanger, Season 2 leaves us with Abhishek’s transfer order by the MLA. The animosity between the two was well-established in a few episodes and Vidhayak ji was also forced to return from Rahul’s last rites by Manju Devi – given his behaviour with the panchayat. After the lost PR opportunity, he cannot be taken lightly, and is sure to take it out on the village panchayat.

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7. We see more of Rinky and find out more about her choices and dreams.

Rinky has been shown as a dutiful daughter, who understands where her parents come from. However, we haven’t seen much of her individual self. In an episode in the season, Abhishek also points out that she doesn’t have a job and then corrects himself, so as to not sound rude. So far, we’ve seen Pradhan ji and Manju Devi finding a match to get their daughter married and the next season might focus on Rinky’s professional life and dreams – with focus on her own choices. At least, we hope so.

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Our theory is – we will fall in love with the next season as well.