Would you believe me if I told you that Netflix has officially launched a handsome hunk who’s here to make our quarantine better? 

And let’s just say with his charismatic personality and his aesthetic vibe, he looks like someone who could give the internet’s boyfriend a.k.a Noah Centineo a stiff competition. 

So while I was binge-watching Netflix’s much-awaited American-Indian teenage drama, Never Have I Ever, I could not get my eyes off Paxton-Hall-Yoshida a.k.a Darren Barnet. 

( And I’m not just saying that because he was mostly shirtless.)

Teen Vogue

I mean I don’t know if it was his angular facial structure, his washboard abs or his comforting and chill vibe that had me glued to my screen whenever he made an appearance. 

Teen Vogue

Or maybe it was his character’s bad boy, swim champion personality with a heart of gold that I was attracted to. 

Style Caster

But something about this American-Japanese beauty definitely gave me some major Peter Kavinsky vibes. 

Height Zone

And how the hell is it biologically possible for someone to have such a chiseled jawline and a pair of dimples? It is such a lethal combo that it should be banned. 


And OMG, can we please take a minute to acknowledge his perfectly wavy curls that know how to behave? 

Excuse me, what is that adorable humble look with his bad-boy personality? 

And is it just I or his face is actually pretty symmetrical and all his sides are good sides? 

Pop sugar

How is it humanly possible to look like this and have a humble and comforting look? 


So we dug deeper and stalked him a little. Turns out he has this brooding, bad-boy vibe even when he’s not on-screen. 

An aesthetic feed with that chiseled jawline, dimples, and washer board abs? That’s a quadruple threat.

Nothing, just pictures of swim champion Paxton-Hall-Yoshida blessing your screens with his washer board abs. 

Pop Buzz

BRB, re-watching Never Have I Ever to give all my undivided attention to Paxton Hall Yoshida.