As humans, we are constantly learning and evolving. And, these answers show how different and messed up things were 20 years ago and how far we have come and how much further we need to go.

Ready? Let’s go!

1. “Sexual harassment at the workplace. I worked in restaurants back then and the amount of harassment I and my other female coworkers endured was unreal by today’s standards. We all just learned to laugh it off because no one took it seriously.”

2. “Smoking around your kids, especially in the car. I always got bronchitis.”

3. “People dying of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. 20 years ago it was 100% fatal in less than 5 years. Now it’s treated with a once a day pill with no side effects for most people. Fucking miracle science right there.”

4. “Remember when we used to pay ₹35 for 350 text messages? How fucked up was that?”

– Sakshi Shukla

5. “Leaving the house and travelling with no way to contact your family. I and my husband once planned to go to Shimla with my parents. Upon reaching there, we found out that my parents couldn’t come due to a curfew in their city. We searched the entire hill station for them before calling them through a public telephone.”

– Shashi Gupta

6. “Teachers being able to discipline children with violence. I remember how my school teachers used to openly slap or give murga punishments to children for forgetting their textbooks.”

– Rahul Joshi

7. “Those phantom sweet cigarettes. Why the hell do children need something that looks like a cigarette? Just give them a bar of freaking chocolate!”

– Aditya Kumar Singh

8. “Not having airport security. I once went to pick my grandad up from the airport and we literally went right inside with loads of flowers and sweets. SMH.”

– Ayushi Raj

9. “It was popular to not think mental health was important and mental issues made one weak.”

10. “Casual sexism and homophobia. I mean, neither are still great, but it’s amazing how far we’ve come in that regard.”

These answers were so on-point that they made us cringe so hard!