How important is sex education? Well, talk to random people about sex and you’ll actually see the missing education part. There are so many misconceptions, especially when it comes to the female reproductive system. Read on some of the dumbest misconceptions people had, which will surely give you a facepalm, or would make you wanna put your palm on someone’s face.

1. That only unhealthy women get periodswhosme33

misconceptions female reproductive system

2. That women can’t swim or take a bath while on their period because the vagina is open to let the blood out and contaminated water can get in. Better to wait until after your period when the “vagina closes” again. Huh?


3. My friend’s great-grandmother beat me for washing my hair on my period but could not explain to me why it was forbidden. Neither could my friend, she just accepted what her nonna told her.Toulamarr

4. This one is wholesome dumb in case y’all need a pallet cleanser.

I was hanging out with my pregnant friend and her 3-year-old son. He comes up and asks “mommy why do boys have belly buttons? I can’t grow a baby in my belly so why do I have a belly button”

He was under the impression that the belly button opened the belly so the doctors could take the baby out when she was all done growing.Ambientpissnoises

5. I knew a guy, in junior high, who thought women’s vaginas are hermetically sealed after menopause. Like a bit of Saran Wrap over the vaginal opening.Brewnonono

6. I knew a guy who thought the vagina was sealed on the outside until a girl had sex. As in nothing could go in or out the hole until a penis led the way.

He was SEVENTEEN.manicmelange

7. That we could start and stop bleeding whenever we wanted 😂 – outerspacepssy

8. It’s outdated now, but my particular favourite was that women should not be allowed on trains because their uterus might fly out. Fly out. Like actually fly out.TigLyon

9. Didn’t some Saudi Arabian cleric once argue that women shouldn’t be driving cars because it somehow damages their ovaries?NmlsFool

10. When I got pregnant with my then-boyfriend, now husband of 23 years, he thought it would be an exact year till the baby was born.

We actually had a fight about it because he didn’t believe me. rabbitskinglue

11. I was talking with a man who genuinely believed eggs in women had shells.justabitchyblonde

12. I once had a guy tell me that women can choose to release eggs. Therefore if a woman gets pregnant it’s clearly because she wanted to.

The same guy also tried to tell me female orgasms don’t exist and that the only person who gets pleasure out of sex is a man.squeephish

13. I’ve known more than one guy who believed that women apparently absorb the DNA of every man she’s had sex with, so that she becomes more aggressive, less fertile, and can even produce babies from these prior partners without having sex with them again. So even if she’s 100% faithful to her present partner, she can still have another man’s baby because she’s ‘polluted’ with other DNA. When I asked questions, I was told to do my research.purplhouse

14. If you have sex while pregnant, the penis will hit the child’s head.Sienna-hart

15. That some men apparently think the adhesive side of a pad is stuck directly to the vagina like a band-aid.dumbname1000

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