Many of us struggle with sleep issues. And often it’s stress related or due to anxiety. Which is exactly why this Reddit thread is such a great find. In it, people have shared tips on how to fall asleep while being stressed and NGL, it seems God sent!

Here, take a look at them yourself.

1. “Orgasm. It’s a great stress reliever.”


2. “I find the right book, spray the room with lavender, practice deep breathing beforehand.”


3. “I usually put on a podcast so I can hear someone talking. It distracts me from anxious thoughts.”


4. “I really like Noble Blood (podcast), which is a part of Grim & Mild productions. Also, it’s more mythology than history but Hidden Djinn is good. I used to listen to Dark Histories a lot, but as it’s become more popular in the past couple of years the host has gotten more chatty so I don’t listen to it as much. When I do, I fast forward through the first 10 minutes or so to get to the actual narrative.”


5. “I listen to the Sleep With Me podcast.”


6. “I have the best guy you can watch on YouTube – he’s a fine art conservationist and he’s soooooo soothing – check out Baumgartner restoration. I listen to him almost every night before I fall asleep, he’s my absolute favorite.”


7. “I have two cats. One likes to sleep on my chest, and the other on my feet. It kind of feels like a cozy, loving, soft, furry weighted blanket of hugs. I don’t sleep well if I’m at someone else’s house without my two kitties.”


8. “Rain sound on YouTube.”


9. “This is probably going to seem really weird but I often rub my feet together and it helps me settle down and go to sleep.”


10. “Progressive muscle relaxation!”


11. “Putting on white noise. The calm app has free noises, my favourites are Fireplace & Storm.”


12. “Meditation and mindfulness.


13. “Solving something mundane. I like to do my next month’s household budget sometimes. Also there’s something called paradoxical intention which has worked for me before. Basically you have to switch your way of thinking to trying to stay awake rather than trying to fall asleep. It’s weird but effective.”


14. “Journaling (writing and/or drawing about the topics that keep me awake), relaxing essential oils guided meditation or relaxing music, hugging my pillow so I can imagine falling asleep in someone’s arms (very sad yes… anyway), reading to distract myself until my eyes close on their own. Some Qigong moves if I have the energy.”


15. “CBD stuff that’s rich in CBN. Orgasm. Meditation/sleep hypnosis podcast.”


I have a feeling we can all use these.