India-based documentary, 'Period. End Of Sentence.' just won an Oscar in the short documentary format. It's an extraordinary feat for a film about menstruation to win an Academy Award.

Director, Rayka Zehtabchi and Producer, Melissa Berton gave a heartfelt and notable speech thanking everyone involved in the documentary making process down to the inception of the idea. 

Zehtabchi in a light-hearted manner took a jibe at period myths and stereotypes. 

Her speech acknowledged that she's not crying because she's PMS-ing, it's because it's an unbelievable feat for a documentary on menstruation to win an Oscar.

Berton, on the other hand, claimed that a period should only end a sentence

The stigma around periods has barred girls from entering religious places, having access to proper menstrual hygiene and the most troubling of it all - prevented them from continuing their education.

It's a bloody historic day for people who bleed monthly, sail through cramps, and then have to face taboos around periods.

Watch the acceptance speech here.