At times, movies and shows gift us with characters so iconic that there are fandoms dedicated to a fictional personality. Take Harry Potter, for reference. However, many a time, their biggest fan is someone whose already a part of their universe. Twitter users are discussing such on-screen characters and their evergreen fans. Take a look:

1. Imraan’s obsession with Bagwati is something I understood after growing up

2. Spider-Man fanboyed Tony Stark more than anyone of us ever could

3. Nothing just Aditya enamored by Geet. That smile conveys everything

4. ‘Lauki‘ was such a main character in Pradhan Ji’s life

5. Ishika had a FANBOY in Uday Shetty

6. Ah! Mondler forever

7. Rosesh was Maya Sarabhai’s boy for real

8. Geet was Barbie and Geet was Ken

9. Not just food, Joey doesn’t share Hugsy as well

10. Major Ram and Chandni defined CHEMISTRY

11. ‘SHIVAAAAA‘ lives rent-free in my head

12. Hansa and Praful were goals, and we’re not taking NO for an answer

13. It was supposed to be Caroline and Klaus and no one else

14. Jetha is THE fanboy among the fanboys

15. I want what Jim and Pam have

16. Ellie was crushing so hard over Riley 

17. It’s impossible to imagine Munna without Circuit

18. Jack was DREAM

But hey, we also have some names to share…

19. John Abraham, the motorcyclist and the ‘accidental actor’

Well, he himself said so in Netflix’s Romantics.

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20. Om Prakash Makhija was actually Shanti Priya’s biggest fan

Twitter discusses iconic characters & their biggest fans
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