You know how the internet never forgets? Well, it’s true. It doesn’t.  

We were just strolling around, browsing the web and voila! Guess what we found? We found an undiscovered yesteryear gem from Priyanka Chopra’s advertisement collection. 

Almost every new entrant in the industry has to do something to stay afloat. Well, our own beloved PeeCee was no different. She shot for an ad for Josco Jewellers, one of the biggest names in the jewellery business in Kerala. 

And we got to say, she looks nothing like the PeeCee who’s now playing lead roles in Hollywood series and movies. 

The ad had some outrageously funny graphics with butterflies fluttering away and PC chasing them. 


And it has gold jewellery dancing in the sky. Because gold! 

Oh! Almost forgot, it also has PC trying to catch pieces for herself, then miraculously getting all decked up in gold. 

If you want in on more laughter-ensuing hilarity, watch the full ad here: 

Source: bijinks

The things you have to do, right?