With her newly acquired American twang and effervescent global personality shtick Priyanka Chopra is playing her American audience like putty. As part of her publicity run before the pilot airs on September 27, Priyanka got her game on in an interview with Good Morning America.

Her collaborations with Pitbull and Will.I.Am have made her a familiar face and sure the crowd was excited to see her so exotic. But definitely not as excited as the cutie in the back who wants to let his granny know he loves her.

Chopra categorically told the host that she ‘just wanted to be cast in a role that was ethnically ambiguous; be cast for her merit.’

To her music career she admits she has been a bad mom, the actress is strapped for time. But Will.I.Am imparted his sell-out wisdom and taught her that to make a hit song even the Russians should be able to sing it.

And in exchange for his life lesson, Chopra agreed to teach them folk on the set some Bollywood moves. She even adapted it specifically for Quantico.

Watch the full interview right here.


She was also seen chatting on Live With Kelly And Michael (warning: the accent gets more grating)