Do you want to savour the sweet taste of that chicken dinner served with a side of insane kills and bragging rights? These tips from the absolute pros will fill in the nooks and crannies in your now faulty run, and smooth it out to such perfection that your screen will scream ‘WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER’.

1. Tweak the graphics quality to get that sweet spot between a good frame rate and quality that will make it easy to spot enemies. 

WCF Tech

2. Turn on aim-assist to make aiming easier.


3. Take a shot only when the kill is guaranteed, otherwise, you’ll just be giving away your position.

Redmond Pie

4. When only a bunch of players are left, hide, and let them kill each other off.

This is also a good strategy as you will have a lot of time to track the last player and then take him out silently.


5. Use headphones to keep a track on enemies near you.

Pair it with footsteps appearing on the mini-map and you will know where exactly the enemy is.


6. Make use of the bombings in the red zone to cover up your steps. People will also be running away from the red zone giving you easy targets to kill.

7. Painkillers and energy drinks can help heal you past the 75% mark.


8. Always keep moving to give the snipers a hard time trying to line up a shot. Never be a sitting duck.


9. If you get shot at from a distance and have no clue where the enemy is, run in a zig zag fashion instead of crouching or going prone.

Deadly Deal

10. Choose your weapons wisely. You do not want two guns of the same kind in your inventory. 

Always have a rifle/ sniper and pair it with a close-range gun like an SMG or shotgun.

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11. Pair your guns and scopes correctly to get the most out of them. 

You would not want a 4x scope on an SMG. Likewise, holographic sight on a rifle isn’t a bright idea either. When you pick up scopes, they automatically get attached on the respective guns. Manually swap them around.

Game Crate

12. Drop the loot you do not need. 

There is no point in carrying 10 cases of shotgun bullets when you do not even have the gun. Adding unnecessary burden will only slow you down and hinder you from picking up loot you actually need.


13. Bridges are the best ambush points. 

Stay away from them and if you really do need to get across when the play area shrinks, swim instead, making sure that people do not spot you.


14. If a door is open, then that place has already been raided or houses an enemy, waiting patiently for somebody to pop up. 

Either way, ignore that building completely.

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15. When you encounter multiple enemies, focus only on the ones that are up on their feet, ignoring the ones that are down. 

They generally won’t be revived until the firefight is over.

16. Time your taps perfectly and have total control over the recoil of M16 by using single fire mode.

17. If all that you want to do is survive, then get on to a boat at the edge of the map and hide. 

Drive the boat around as the map shrinks.

Zillion Gamer

18. When you’re dropping near densely populated buildings, look around before you touch the ground so that you stay away from other enemies which gives you ample time to pile up.

19. When you get desperate to find some kills, you will always find some unlucky fellow running towards the supply crate. 

Supply crates are rarely worth it. Look for crates only to get in some more kills.

20. Know where the cars are so when the death zone closes in, you have the fastest way into the safe zone.

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 You’re welcome.