You like a person and you are contemplating if you should settle down into a long-term exclusive relationship with them. Naturally, you have some questions you would like them to answer before you jump on the ship. Fret not, we all have been in the same boat.

We scoured a Reddit thread and found out some of the important questions you should definitely ask before you start dating someone. Some questions are hilarious but some are quite insightful. Make sure to sprinkle these questions during your first few dates and it will help you gauge the person well. Read on to find these important questions below.

1. “Are you married?” – wrenchmonkey135

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2. “Do you want kids in the future? If one person wants kids and the other wants to stay child-free, then they are not compatible. And it is better to try dating someone else.” – GoodAlicia

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3. “Would you still love me if I were a worm?” – mrharrypoptart

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4. “Ask them about their exes. If they think every single one of them is an asshole, they are likely the real asshole.” – CantTakeMeSeriously

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5. “I would try to take care of any dealbreakers. If I find out that she has different political values than I do, it’s not going to work out in the long run, so I wouldn’t bother. Same thing with other factors (religion, financial values, etc.). I would also ask how much cuddling she likes to engage in, as I prefer a lot.” – SkullKrusher9000

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6. “Aside from major differences about finances, kids, politics, or religion, a big one is; What are your hobbies? If they don’t really have any, you may be the next hobby, which isn’t going to work unless you’ve got that kind of time. If the hobbies are time-consuming ones generally done with a significant other, but you have no interest in them, that could be an issue as well.” – Githard


7. “I have a set of questions like ‘Where would a giraffe wear a tie? At the top or the bottom of the neck?’ The actual answer does not matter but I think that how they approach the question and how they defend their answer tells me a lot about them.” – dvallej

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8. “Do they have a criminal history or any addictions you need to know about?” – HomeschoolMommy313

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9. “Do you actually like me, or just the idea of me?” – amor_juju19

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10. “What do they do to handle stress (genuinely)? If they are in any other relationships, and if they have the same intent in dating as you. Nothing worse than finding out four years later that he thinks he’s polyamorous and never thought you needed to know.” – thisismenow0522


11. “Are you going to be financially dependent on me? I wish I’d known that with literally all of my relationships after I turned 18.” – Main-Strike-7392


12. “Do you immediately stand up on a plane when the seat belt sign turns off at the arrival gate?” – GoddessMimiLogan

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13. “Ask them what their hard demands, and hard no’s are for a long-term relationship. Find out if even your most basic boundaries matchup/align.” – BarryBwana

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14. “What chores did you do as a kid? I love my wife, but sometimes she makes doing household chores seem like she is climbing Everest.” – NinjaSpecialist


15. “Are you in debt? (excluding student loans etc). That doesn’t cast a judgement on whether someone is on the property ladder or not, but it gives an indicator about their day-to-day financial management and any red flags – credit card debt, etc.” – FuschiaHouseplants

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Get armed with these questions and conquer the world.

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