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Take This Quiz To Find Out How You Secretly Want 'Game Of Thrones' To End

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The next episode of Game of Thrones will bring us one step closer to the much-anticipated ending of this fantasy drama. When it comes to the Iron Throne, we all have preferences who we wanna see ending up there-

1. How do you fill in awkward silences?

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You don't. It's not your job

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Crack lame jokes & then explain them

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There are no awkward silences

via Gyfcat

Randomly start singing a song

2. Which is your ideal vacation?

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via Net Doctor

Your bed

3. How do you handle accidentally liking your crush's old pic?  

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Think about it obsessively for the next 2 years 

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Delete your account. Pack your bags. Move to another planet

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Text them that it was ‘your friend’

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You have never done something like this

4. Which Game of Thrones character will you resurrect?

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Petyr Baelish

via Wynnesworld

The direwolves

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Robb Stark

5. You like your maggi with-

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Extra masala

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Extra cheese

6. Who is your spirit animal?

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7. Which is your favourite movie? 

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To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

via Variety

The Conjuring

via Polygon

The Dark Knight

via Times Union

The Hangover

8. Which of the following song describes your love life?

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I Am The Best

via The Common Speaks

Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji

via Gyfcat

Channa Mereya

via Quirkybyte

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