Take This Quiz To See What Kind Of Bigg Boss Contestant You'll Be. You Know You're Dying For It

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At some point or the other, all of us have wondered what kind of contestant we'd be in the Bigg Boss house (yes, even the ones who hate the show). So I, as a person who followed it religiously for years, decided to use my expertise to help everyone figure out the same. Take the quiz, you're welcome.

1. What kind of student were you in the class?

2. As a kid, what did you do when you had a fight with your sibling?

3. You are at a party and you meet someone you like. What do you do?

4. How do you react when someone overtakes your vehicle?

5. You're stuck with an inefficient colleague for a project. What do you do?

6. It's 12 AM in the night and you have run out of snacks. How do you go about it?

7. What's your favourite Salman Khan movie?

8. What do you do after a breakup?

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9. What's your role in family functions?

10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


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