Take This Quiz & Find Out Which Badass Bollywood Woman Is Your Alter Ego

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You know what? UNESCO should declare women as the best possible human beings because we really do it all. From working at our offices to fighting everyday battles set against us by society, we deal with them with so much courage.

And so did these Bollywood characters who broke all barriers to become the women they were always meant to be. Take this quiz and find out which one of these badass women you tuly are.

1. What type of snacks would you prefer to munch on? 

2. What would be your go-to attire for an unplanned outing? 

3. When someone hurts you, what will be your first reaction? 

4. What's that one change you'd like to bring in yourself in the next 2 years? 

5. What does your ideal vacation look like? 

6. Which pet would you keep if you have the option? 

7. What is your work-out regime like? 

8. If you could have one, which superpower would you like to have? 

9. Which is your favorite ice cream flavour? 

10. If you would play an instrument which one would you go for? 

11. What type of profession are you more likely to opt for? 

No matter which badass Bollywood character you might be, you are still a strong woman and you're killing it. 


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