We expect an actor to express discomfort, annoyance and even a bit of discontent with intimate scenes they’ve had to do for the camera. There are very few, who without mincing words have spoken openly about their real experiences while shooting an intimate scene.

But Radhika Apte minces no words. And she has no dearth of humour either. When her famous sex scene from her critically acclaimed movie, Parchedwas being marketed as porn, she waved it off nonchalantly. With no qualms whatsoever, she opened up about the sex scene recently in an interview to Mid-Day. She says, 

We kept cracking up all through. Your body is the last thing you are conscious about when shooting a sex scene. It was inside a cave and had we not found the sock, the shooting would have been delayed. The unit thought an erotic dance sequence was being shot.

She also said that there was a bit of ‘dirty talking’ involved before they went ahead with the shot, where her co-star was probably trying to tell her to take nothing personally. We mean, ‘nothing’ because he said,

‘I am sorry if I get a hard-on and I am sorry if I don’t’.


Not your usual discussion about steamy scenes, right? When she was asked about why she never spoke about this when there was a huge hue and cry regarding her nudity, she just put it out there that she did her job and did it well, and no two hoots were given about anything else,

Those who are raising eyebrows and rolling eyes would have never got the humour in this. People look at things as black and white. Unfortunately, everyone saw it from a unilinear perspective. They were either angry or sympathetic. Ask us, we have laughed throughout. It will be the most memorable scene ever for the amount we have laughed and for what we take away from it. I have been criticised and praised equally, but films are a learning process and that scene will be a milestone.

Way to go girl, way to go!