They might hate to admit but most Indian men are dependent on their mothers or wives for the simplest of things. This comment made by Ranbir Kapoor on the relationship dynamic he shares with Alia Bhatt is proof.

Speaking to Navbharat Times, Ranbir Kapoor said,

I boast a lot that I am very independent and detached, but in reality, I am very dependent on her. I don’t go to the bathroom or eat if I don’t know where Alia is. It is very important for me to have her next to me.”

The actor added how he wants Alia Bhatt to sit next to him even if they don’t do anything romantic. Alia Bhatt said how Ranbir often leaves things for the last minute if she isn’t around.

This comment has not gone down well with netizens. Some have said that this is a glowing red flag that shows an unhealthy amount of dependency in a relationship and have called Ranbir Kapoor a “man-child.”

It is completely normal for partners to be dependent on each other but it becomes a problem when this dependency exists even for the smallest of things.

This is not the first time Ranbir Kapoor is facing criticism for his comments. Earlier he had also passed a sexist comment on Alia’s pregnancy under the garb of a “joke”.