When we saw this image of the Vogue August issue doing the rounds of the Internet, the only thought that came to our mind was:

How Photoshopped can an image be?

Source: businessofcinema.com

The cover which was released recently is as ironical as can be. So, picture this. The magazine plans to cull out a liberating age-positive issue, but chooses to stick with the age-old stereotype of the perfect body. How paradoxical!

The 37-year-old fabulous actress looks like any other newbie on the block. What could have been a path-breaking cover for Vogue, now remains just another run-of-the-mill cover promoting a completely messed up idea of beauty.

There is nothing ageless about the picture. In fact, it is ridiculing the very concept of age given the heavy amount of Photoshopping that is done.

Now, look at this picture of the actress at the recent Vogue beauty awards.

Source: Filmi Monkey

Does she not look elegant and more importantly, real, in this picture?

It is disappointing to see a leading magazine encourage shallow ideas of beauty by setting the wrong standards while trying to spread the idea of ‘Ageless beauty.’ What is even more disappointing is that some people are going gaga over how beautiful she looks.

We adore Rani but Vogue is a widely read magazine in India and abroad and we expect a basic sense of responsibility from them.