Be it his quirky sense of dressing, contagious energy, or even his out-of-the-box photoshoots, Ranveer Singh is always the buzz of the B-Town. If entertainment could be personified, it could be Ranveer Singh, for the man is always up and about. But don’t we all adore Ranveer-Deepika Jodi? Or, as the fans call it, DeepVeer.

Ranveer’s pride, love, and affection for Deepika ooze out whenever he speaks about his wife. Here are 11 times when Ranveer Singh gave us major husband goals for showcasing his unabashed love for his wife.

1. When Ranveer Singh introduced himself as Deepika Padukone’s husband.

In an adorable clip, people couldn’t stop gushing over Ranveer-Deepika Jodi when the former introduced himself as her husband. The video, of course, went viral in no time as people couldn’t stop praising the actor for being the best husband.

2. When Ranveer spoke in Konkani, Deepika’s mother tongue.

In the same interview, Ranveer also had his mic-drop moment when he spoke in his wife’s mother tongue. We can even see Deepika thrilled about it in what looks like a super proud moment.  

3. The time when Ranveer had his Befikre moment and danced for Deepika in public.

As Ranveer grooved for his wife, I love how Deepika was just sitting there chilling on the couch, watching her husband do his thing.

4. The time Ranveer opened up about his love in first sight for Deepika.

In the Ranveer vs Wild episode with Bear Grylls on Netflix, the actor opened up about his first meeting with Deepika, when he found the love of his life. And it was just awwdorable. Even the episode was premised upon Ranveer’s journey to get a rare flower for Deepika. The duo give us major couple goals.

Pyaar ke liye log chaand taare tod ke laate hain, main Deepika ke liye ek phool tod ke laane waala hoon. Woh bahut special phool hai, woh kabhi marta nahi hai, bilkul meri pyaar ki tarah.

5. The time when Ranveer was all praises for Deepika and revealed how much she inspires him.

This is something that happens very often as Ranveer is forever ready to talk in length about how much he adores Deepika Padukone. Recently, the couple made their runway debut for a Manish Malhotra fashion show wherein Ranveer showed how he is a true fanboy and lover of Deepika.

6. When Ranveer credited his victory as the Best Actor to Deepika.

In 2018, Ranveer Singh won a Star Screen Award for his outstanding performance in Padmaavat. The actor went on the stage and made Deepika — and literally everyone else — emotional with his heartwarming speech.

Baby, I love you, pichle 6 saal mein agar maine kuch bhi achieve kiya hai, kyunki aap ne mujhe grounded rakha, centered rakha. Thank you for everything and I love you.
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7. The time when Ranveer was spotted carrying Deepika’s sandals.

Wearing heels for longer durations can be a tedious task. It’s something that Ranveer understood pretty well. People were in aww of Ranveer for his beautiful and empathetic gesture.

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8. The way Ranveer reacts when Deepika embarrasses him on his live chat with Sunil Chhetri.

Even their fun banters are just so cute!

9. Once again, when Ranveer called Deepika ghar ki lakshmi while receiving an award.

Adorable much?

10. The way Ranveer is always, always a cheerleader for Deepika’s films.

And that’s how it should be, right?

11. And literally, anytime he posts for her.

Ufff! Ranveer Singh has set pretty high bars for a future partner. Do they make more people like him, or single life it is?