We understand that it’s kind of difficult to connect to Ranveer’s level of crazy. The man is just a little too outrageous at times, and no, we aren’t complaining. In fact, we love that about him! This, plus the genuine vibe that the guy spreads everywhere he goes, is something that makes us love him even more. 

From walking the red carpet in pajamas to dancing in the middle of the street dressed up as Krrish, Ranveer Singh just raises the bar with his hyperactive craziness, one appearance after the other. And to be honest, it’s quite adorable. 

For all of you who have been away, it was Ranveer’s birthday last month, and we couldn’t thank God enough, for sending such an angel into our lives. While, the world was obsessing over how amazing Ranveer is, he was busy partying his ass off, on his birthday.

But, if you think Ranveer is all play and no rest, then think again. Because, he just gave us a glimpse into his life with a throwback picture, and seriously, it’s exactly how we spend our days. We know about his sudden Nutella cravings and how he turns into a five-year-old every time there’s Nutella around. But, turns out that he likes doing something else as well. Check it out:


Eat. Sleep. Text. Repeat.

You said it, Ranveer!