Let me start by saying that I love Chinese food. But thanks to the horror that just met my eyes, I can never think of my favourite cuisine the same way ever again. However, this isn’t a total surprise. When they released the trailer of this ad, we were highly apprehensive about the full ‘film’ in any case. But never could we ever imagine that the war for Desi Chinese would be this torturous!


The ‘film’ (they insist it on calling it that!) has Ranveer Ching playing the saviour of some Hollywood film location where the shoot has been stalled because the caterers refuse to feed them. He then enters with a truck-full of Ching’s products and feeds the Native Americans (nothing else can explain this atrocity). As for Desi Chinese, where’s the Desi?

Tamannaah Bhatia definitely shot for this during Baahubali because nothing else explains her costume.


There’s also a song and dance routine circa ’80s Bollywood. 


We thought this couldn’t get any worse but then, Ranveer did this.


Rohit Shetty has made this ‘film’ but it generates just one reaction out of us: WTF WERE YOU THINKING?

Watch this ‘film’ here: 

Source: Ching’s Secret

To Be Continued?? 

*my eyes, my eyes*