You must have heard the age-old adage – too many cooks spoil the broth!

Well, we have a case where it seems too many Karni Senas have spoilt the Rajput history! Something Karni Sena claimed Sanjay Leela Bhansali was doing through his movie Padmaavat

Hindustan Times

Yes, Padmaavat and Karni Sena is back to the forefront. 

We’d thought the story had come to an end when Karni Sena’s Mumbai leader, Yogendra Singh Katar, had released a letter announcing withdrawal from protests, after viewing the film.

Hindustan Times

However, in an interview with ANI, Karni Sena organisation chief, Lokendra Singh Kalvi has dismissed this statement, citing that ‘fake news’ was being spread by ‘fake Karni Sena’.
 There are many fake Karni Senas emerging in India. At present there are eight such entities operating in the country with vested interests. Whoever saw the film yesterday (Friday), did so on personal basis and the person who wrote the letter (ending the protest) has been expelled.

Be it accidentally burning their members’ car or intentionally expelling them, Karni Sena seems to harbor just as much love for its own party members as it does for Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Even ACP Pradyuman would find it difficult to sort the story of the real vs fake Karni Sena! Padmaavat, on the other hand, is busy earning box-office profits!