One of the things that Bollywood movies are known by are the generous serving of songs that we get to witness. But have you ever thought about how some songs arrive at a time when it’s either inappropriate or slightly awkward? Well this Reddit user shared a song from the film Bharat that they thought seemed incredibly misplaced.

And also asked other netizens which songs in Hindi films have been misplaced, similar to it. Here, take a look at what some people have said.

1. “Kesariya in Brahmastra. That was no time to sing a romantic duet, certainly not when they were on a time crunch to save a man from certain death. But instead, they were singing and dancing in the busy gullies of Benares. However, KJo made an excellent decision by removing the original dance version of it.”


2. “Shaan (1980). We are bang in the middle of the pre-climax. Amitabh Bachchan and Shashi Kapoor’s brother (Sunil Dutt) has just been killed by Shakaal, 20 mins ago in the film. And Amitabh and Shashi are singing Janu Meri Jaan to their girls.”


3. “Every song in Special 26.


4. “Rangi Sari (Jugg Jugg Jeeyo).”


5. “Alcoholia in Vikram Vedha.”


6. “Aaj Dil Shaayarana from Holiday.”


7. “Waada Raha Sanam in Khiladi.


8. “Race Saanson Ki.”


Context of the film and scene matter!