There are some celebrities who use social media only to take potshots at people. Ram Gopal Varma is one of those people. Famous for sharing his unsolicited opinion on everything and everyone, RGV is nothing but controversial with his tweets, almost all the time. And with his latest tweet, he’s proved that being respectful is a skill, he’s yet to learn.  

India Today

Sharing an old picture of Barack and Michelle Obama, RGV tried showing his ‘sense of humour’ but managed to show us just how badly he needs one instead.

If this is your idea of funny, RGV, you seriously need some help! 

Check out RGV’s tweet here:

This isn’t the first time though! RGV has time and again proved that when it comes to Twitter, you can always count on him to come up with one random tweet after another. 

Here’s RGV’s take on religious fanaticism 

His ‘solution’ for the Dhaka killings is as bizarre as his movies!

These are just two instances of his antics at stupidity and we don’t see an end in sight but we really wish to. 

Dear RGV, keep your stupidity to yourself, can you?