With her unconventional career choices and impressive acting skills, Richa Chadha has successfully made her presence felt in Bollywood in a short span. A trained theatre performer and dancer, her major breakthrough came from Gangs of Wasseypur, and she has been known for her bold and upfront image ever since. She’s never shied away from calling a spade a spade and has openly talked about women-centric issues.

This time, she opened up about her struggle with an eating disorder and instances of body shaming that she suffered, in an interview with the Mumbai Mirror

Here’s what she said:


She mentions that there’s a neck-breaking pressure to look perfect in the industry because one’s face is usually magnified on screen, minutely pointing out every tiny, little feature. 

“Everyone judges you on the basis of how you look”, the actress, who was packed working on two different characters from Sarabjit and Cabaret simultaneously, told Mumbai Mirror.


She recounts an incident from last year where, while travelling to Marrakech Film Festival, Morocco, as a jury member, she came across Amy Winehouse’s Oscar winning documentary by Asif Kapadia. Talking a about it, she said:


Amy Winehouse suffered from drug and alcohol addiction and was fighting with Bulimia too. Although Richa Chadha did not have Bulimia and wasn’t into binge eating, she realised that she might be struggling with an eating disorder and decided to take control of her life and body.


With guidance and help from family and friends, she consulted Dr Chintu and nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar who encouraged her to eat to the fullest.

This is what she had to say about body shaming in Bollywood:


Richa now promises herself to be in her best shape in a month and is seen posting motivational stuff on her social media.


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It is inspiring to see Bollywood actresses, who young girls look up to, speak up about body issues and eating disorders.

Read the full interview on Mumbai Mirror here