If you were a fan of the Harry Potter series in your childhood and currently plow through “A Song Of Ice And Fire” (on which Game of Thrones is based) like a maniac, here’s a thought for you guys; what if George R.R Martin had written about the wizarding world instead of J.K Rowling? Would it have been better or worse? Dark or peaceful? Maybe it would have been something like this;

1. Ron and Ginny would be lovers.

2. Hagrid would utter only one word. “Hagrid.”

Hagrid would be the giant who would always protect Harry and his friends and just say one word all the time, “HAGRID!”

3. No owls, only ravens.

Who needs beautiful snow owls when we can use ugly three eyed ravens to deliver the mail? Hogwarts would be a lot more gloomy though.

4. Neville would have been sent to be a part of the Night’s Watch.

Poor Neville would have been sent to the Wall to be made fun of. But he would be like Jon Snow; rising above the mockery and emerging a hero.

5. Draco would sit on the “Magic Throne.”

That evil white haired cruel kid would become a perfect Joffrey doppleganger.  He would sit on the “Magic Throne” comfortably while his dad Lucius would do vicious things to of make everyone’s life a living hell.

6. Ale all the way.

Instead of delicious Butter Beer and Pumpkin Juice, there would be wine and ale in everyone’s hands all the time. They would be drinking wine like water.

7. “The Marked Walkers.”

The cruel and scary Death Eaters (Voldemort’s army) would be called The Marked Walkers. And Voldemort would radiate a deep blue hue all the time!

8. Harry would have to take a fall.

In order to gain his magical powers, Harry would have to be thrown out of a window just like Bran. He would then be rescued and taken care of by Hagrid and then would find his powers in order to fight off the Marked Walkers.

9. Hermione would have been married off to Draco.

Being the prettiest girl in the series, Granger would surely get forcefully married to the loathsome Draco Malfoy. But as she is not as stupid as Sansa Stark, she would definitely plot a way out!

10. All your favorites characters would die. At random.

Last but not the least, all your beloved and most adored characters would die a sudden and unexpected death. Not that J. K Rowling did not kill some of our favorites brutally (Oh Sirius), but let’s face it; George R.R Martin is the king of sudden deaths. Valar Morghulis!

Long story short, we are grateful Martin did not script the adorable Harry Potter series or else our childhood would have been ruined and shattered! But even if this alternate universe did exist, it would have a fan following of a millions!