As fashion designer extraordinaire, Sabyasachi has been synonymous with perfection. The accolades the Kolkata-based designer has won – both, on and off the internet – are countless.

However, the latest Instagram post by the designer on his official Instagram handle has drawn the internet’s collective outrage for the view it places on women who seemingly look ‘overdressed’.

Drawing from a quote from an iconic literary character, Miss Havisham from the timeless English literary classic, Great Expectations, the post makes an extreme assumption by saying that ‘overdressed’ women are indeed ‘wounded’. The post then goes on to advise followers, to take some time off to give her ‘precious company’ and ‘heal her’ with empathy. 


While the post may come from a place of good intent – we’d like to believe – that intent has seemingly gotten lost in translation and Sabya’s Instagram followers have not taken well to the post, obviously even calling it out for being misogynistic, ignorant and disgusting. 

The barrage of comments on the post, all resonate one collective thought process: That such regressive statements do not belong in the 21st century. 

Sabyasachi currently remains one of the country’s leading couturier – from dressing celebrity brides to becoming almost every Indian girl’s dream wedding designer. His current view however, does not remotely resonate with any of these women. 

In the end, the golden words of Oscar Wilde come to mind: “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”