I think we can all agree that the sex/makeout/running-in-the-rain scene from Hum Tum was quite cringey. It’s tough to even sit through.

What we didn’t know was that Saif Ali Khan shared this opinion with us. Except, he is harsher. 


In a video shared by YRF, Rani Mukerji asks him, “Do you remember how scared we were to do the kissing shot?”. To which he replies, “I remember how scared you were to do the kissing shot”. 

He also told how Rani wanted him to say not to the scene. 

You said, “Listen, you say that you don’t want to kiss me”. So I said, “I can’t say that! My boss has told me, so I have to do it”. You said, “Listen, I don’t think we should do it”.

Ultimately, Rani gave in for what Saif says was “the worst kiss in the history of cinema”.

It was the worst kiss in the history of cinema, it was so uncomfortable. It made me so uncomfortable because you were so uncomfortable.

Now it all makes sense. If she was so uncomfortable, it ideally shouldn’t have happened.