Sapna Bhavnani, a hair stylist by profession, stepped into spotlight when she participated in the reality show, Bigg Boss, a few years ago. But that was just the beginning of her journey. She used her fame rightly and used the opportunity to speak about issues that were otherwise under-represented.


Sapna, in a recent interview to HT, talked about her upcoming book, Chapter One, and also discussed the man she believes ‘misuses people’, Salman Khan. Though Sapna has made it clear that Salman will have no place in her memoir.

Salman Khan’s insensitive rape remark irked many but Sapna was one of the few celebrities who condemned it openly. 

Sapna told HT, “It’s insulting to have an Indian man talk like that on an international platform. I am embarrassed to call myself an Indian when statements like these go out worldwide.”


Sapna was threatened with rape and received a lot of flak by the so-called ‘bhai fans’ about stating her opinions on the issue but this wasn’t the first time that she encountered threats. After her exit from the Bigg Boss house, Sapna was told that she could be killed for criticizing the host and that really shocked her.

She told HT, “You have a male chauvinistic f***ing pig as a host of this f***ing show, that insults people, so people watch the show, and people worship him on the show because people want a job in one f his stupid f***-all movies where he dances like a monkey – that’s big boss in a nutshell.”


Sapna says that she went on the show because she felt that the world needed to see that strong, independent women can change the world by voicing their opinions about injustice. And she did exactly that on the show.

There aren’t many in the world who push against the tide. Sapna is definitely someone who has the guts to say the truth out loud.

More power to her!

H/T: Hindustan Times