Score Full Marks In This 'Baghban' Quiz So Your Maa-Baap Can Finally Be Proud Of You

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You know what's the surest sign that you're a desi kid? When your parents make you watch 'Baghban' while guilt-tripping you. So, take this quiz and see how well you know this movie. 

1. Including Salman Khan, how many kids did Amitabh Bachchan have in the movie? 

2. At which station does Pooja and Raj meet after the first 6 months? 

3. What is the name of the book written by Raj during his separation from Pooja? 

4. Before Aman Verma, who was offered the role of Raj's eldest son, Ajay Malhotra? 

5. How was Alok related to Raj and Pooja? 

6. What are the names of Raj and Pooja's grandchildren? 

7. In the movie, Paresh Rawal calls Amitabh Bachchan by the endearing term ___?

8. Why do Raj and Pooja leave their house in the first place and decide to live with their kids? 

9. What happens that changes Payal's opinion about Pooja so drastically? 

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10. What does Alok gift Raj and Pooja during their stay at his place? 

11. How many dogs do Raj and Pooja have?

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12. Baghban is the unofficial adaptation of ___?

So, how well did you do on this quiz? 


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