They say, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. But what they never tell you is how long the tunnel might be. We all have our fair share of ups and downs in life. But for some of us, it’s more difficult. Especially those who live their lives in the public eye, being constantly watched and scrutinized for what they do. 

Celebrities have time and again spoken about feeling disturbed and dealing with depression. Some have given into it, some others have triumphed out of it.

A couple of months back, Selena Gomez opened up about her visit to the rehab. She spoke about an emotionally troubled phase of her life, while battling the auto immune disease, Lupus.

Perez Hilton

Now, Selena chose to speak about overcoming it at the recently held American Music Awards. She won the Best Rock/Pop Female Artist Award and addressed the issue of depression and anxiety in her acceptance speech. Her words even moved Lady Gaga to tears. 

In a moving speech, Selena told us that all that matters is what’s inside and not on the outside. And she had our respect right there!

Listen to her speak her heart out, here:

She found her light. You will too!